Feel free to create your implant planning with your favorite implant kit and connect to your existing CAD/CAM solution. coDiagnostiX® ships with an implant library containing over 55 different implant manufacturers. Create custom sleeve systems or custom implants to meet individual requirements. Import and export your planning easily through the open STL standard to gain an efficient workflow.

Feel more secure during your planning with a consistent safety monitoring. coDiagnostiX® features many safety functions such as the automatic nerve canal detection and various distance monitoring functions to achieve a successful implant treatment.
Be more focused with an intuitive and customizable user interface. The user-friendly software design of coDiagnostiX® helps you to gain more efficiency throughout the planning process. Map your unique workflow by customizing our software to your needs.

Complete Digital Workflow

coDiagnostiX™ screenshotcoDiagnostiX® offers a new groundbreaking guided surgery workflow which integrates both drill guide and prosthesis design and fabrication.

Seamless integration of preoperative and prosthetic procedures

Prosthetic-driven planning

Comprehensive visualization and real prosthetic-driven implant planning enables users to achieve predictable results in advanced surgical applications. Direct import of prosthetic designs from DWOS CAD software into coDiagnostiX® allows for the integration of preoperative and prosthetic situations and marks a new era in prosthetic-driven implant planning.

Immediate provisional restorations

The export of preoperative planning data from coDiagnostiX® into DWOS CAD allows for the design and fabrication of preoperative provisional restorations. With timely and easy access to immediate provisional restorations clinicians can significantly improve the quality of life for patients and help to foster patient satisfaction during treatment.

Digital drill guide fabrication

coDiagnostiX® is the first software on the market to support digital drill guide design and fabrication directly through the local laboratory. Get in five design steps to an accurate drill guide.

Digital drill guide design step 1Insertion direction
Digital drill guide design step 2Contact surfaces
Digital drill guide design step 3Optional inspection windows
Digital drill guide design step 4Optional engraving
Digital drill guide design step 5Finished template

The new time and cost saving digital workflow does not require a scan template for digital drill guide fabrication.

The 3D volume data from a (CB)CT scanner is combined with a surface scan. Such surface scans can be made for example with intra oral scanners (e.g. Virtuo Vivo™ by Dental Wings) or model/impression scanners (e.g. iSeries, 3Series or 7Series by Dental Wings).

Bone supported drill guides

coDiagnostiX® allows to create bone-supported drill guides. It is also possible to design drill guides with a combination of teeth and bone support.
Bonesupport screenshot

(CB)CT data import

By supporting the DICOM standard, coDiagnostiX® is compatible with a high variety of (CB)CT scanners. The application is able to import data from harddrive, removable media and network storage. With caseXchange™, the radiologist can also send the data directly via internet [1].

[1] coDiagnostiX® license is required by the radiologist.


Improved Communication

DWOS Synergy

Integrated real-time implant and prosthetic planning

DWOS Synergy opens up a completely seamless and time-saving workflow between coDiagnostiX® and DWOS. Transfer your coDiagnosiX™ implant planning to DWOS and get back the restoration planning in real time.

Collaborate in your local network with just one click – or over the Internet with a free DWOS Synergy account.

Synergy screenshot


caseXchange™ is an interactive communication platform allowing seamless communication between specialists, referring dentists, laboratories, service providers and patients. It offers online case sharing with other coDiagnostiX® users and is ideal to get a second opinion from a colleague. With caseXchange™ treatment planning becomes a truly collaborative process and ensures that all parties expectations are met.

Virtual Planning Export 2.0

Use the virtual planning export feature to export and transfer your coDiagnostiX® planning for various workflows. Possible use cases:

  • Export a segmentation to create a 3D print as physical mockup
  • Export a virtual plaster model based on the model scan
  • Export a virtual plaster model with implant analogs
  • Export a virtual plaster model with sleeve posts based on the planned implant position
  • Export implant positions with scanbodies of various manufacturers
  • Export the complete planning for further processing in other 3D/ CAD softwares (DWOS XOrder, Straumann CARES XOrder, STL, etc.)
Virtual Planning Export screenshot

Designed to satisfy the most diverse needs

Two Planning Modes

coDiagnostiX® EASY mode allows simplified implant planning with intuitive step-by-step user guidance for simple cases and less experienced users. coDiagnostiX® STANDARD mode offers detailed functions with sophisticated options for complete customization.

Open System

coDiagnostiX® is an open system with a library containing more than 3000 implants, abutments and sleeve systems from all the major implant manufacturers. Additionally, the user can work with generic sleeve systems or import his own user-specific implants into the library to meet special requirements.

Multi language

The software is available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese

Reliable treatment estimates

Detailed print outs

coDiagnostiX® simplifies documenting the planning process by providing posibillities to add images, such as photos or 2D X-ray scans, or textual information to describe several aspects of your planning. Printouts are available for the treatment to support a smooth treatment procedure.

Surface import for gingiva information

The 3D volume data from a (CB)CT scanner can be combined with a surface scan to get precise information about the gingiva.

Distance warning

coDiagnostiX® supports the planning process by showing warnings if implants are too close to the mandible nerve canals or to other planned implants.

Accurate dental implant planning

Cracked coDiagnostiX patch 10.2 2021 makes dental implant planning easy and accurate. The program is compatible with the CAD / CAM system DWOS and thanks to the system integration of the modeling program and the planning program, it is possible to change the restoration design and the position of the implant in real time.

The benefits of activated coDiagnostiX patch 10.2 crack 2021


The library of implants and components contains more than 10,000 different systems from different manufacturers


Detailed protocol with articles and names required for implantation


Using the program for different situations and types of templates – with different fixation, bone reduction before implantation, etc.

The main functions of cracked coDiagnostiX patch 10.2 2021:

  • modeling of implantation of prostheses;
  • modeling all types of treatment, from individual implants to cases of complete edentulousness;
  • modeling and virtual installation of crowns;
  • modeling and virtual placement of screw-retained prostheses;
  • designing customized surgical templates;


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