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  • Full modules for exoCAD 3.0 last version 25-03-2021 crack
  • PartialCADApp 3.0 (include)
  • Tooth Model Editor (include)
  • Exo Implant Editor (include)
  • Library implant for CAD (include)
  • Library model creator for CAD (include)

Integrate, create, produce with exocad DentalCAD 3.0

Improve your dental lab and workflow with DentalCAD —a powerful software solution from exocad, specifically designed for dental technicians. Take advantage of absolute flexibility, the widest range of options and intuitive features, along with maximum reliability when working with DentalCAD. We at exocad know that restorative dentistry is an art. Therefore, we provide you with the necessary tools, guaranteeing freedom of choice. Working with Dental CAD is not difficult, it is easy to master. Using DentalCAD everything is possible: from fast mass production to the most complex individual solutions.

Versatility — a wide range of indications Individualized design, beautiful and functional dental restorations: crowns, bridges, crown bases, veneers,inlays, onlays, bridge bodies, temporary and removable structures, as well as dental devices: all with DentalCAD 3.0.

Well-established and fast operation even in complex cases
Enjoy the highest productivity with DentalCAD 3.0 crack or license. Our powerful
software platform works reliably and quickly processes large amounts of data.

Stability and consistency —rich user experience

Our software Dental CAD is fully adapted to your needs and workflows. Continuous large-scale testing and proven solutions guarantee maximum ease of use and performance.

Freedom of choice —seamless integration with third party production equipment
Achieve a return on investment in equipment. You can use almost any scanner, 3D printer or milling system thanks to the open software architecture. In the Dental CAD library, you have access to materialsfrom leading manufacturers and standard forms.

Easy to use-step-by-step instructions in Wizard mode
Proven workflow exocad in Wizard mode guides You through every step of creating a
dental restoration design and manufacturing process. In The dentalcad expert mode, you can individually change Customize your settings using additional features and tools.

Full coverage-use a variety of data sources you can combine almost any open data sources you need for your patient: intraoral and model scans, 3D facial scans, jaw movement data, DICOM files, and patient photos.

A wide range of indications and functions are included in the basic version exocad 3.0 crack and license

The main version of Dental CAD supports You in the development of various aesthetic and functional dental restorations, as well as dental devices, taking into account individual anatomy and requirements. Intuitive user interface DentalCAD, its wide range of features, open libraries of teeth and materials guarantee outstanding results.

Anatomical crowns

Design beautiful and functional crowns with minimal effort. Several high-quality libraries are included.

Anatomical / simple caps

Take advantage of options for cutting the anatomical principles to create optimal bases of the crowns.


You can add and remove attachments of various shapes from the extensive library to Your design.

Tabs and overlays

You can quickly design beautiful restorations of tabs and overlays that look natural.


Achieve highly aesthetic results with a couple of mouse clicks. There are several beautiful libraries of the teeth.

Wax models

Hand-made models can be scanned, edited, milled and digitally created.


Design full -outline bridges and wireframes, including tabs, consoles, and bridges Maryland.

Telescopic crowns

exocad provides you with maximum flexibility when designing telescopic crowns.


Wide range of features thanks to additional modules

Expand the list of your services with one or more additional exocad modules. All modules are fully integrated with DentalCAD, providing You with a single smooth, stable workflow. Enjoy enhanced functionality to suit Your needs while maintaining full flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Extension module: Implant Module

The design of the restorations based on implants

With the Implant Module for DentalCAD, you can design screw-fixed crowns and bridges, as well as abutments. It is even possible to create abutment and suprastructure designs in the same CAD session. Angular screw channels are also supported.

With the Implant Module, the choice is Yours! Perform on-site milling or
send Your files to production. The extension module supports a wide range of milling systems. In addition, leading production centers will support files created by exocad software.

Extension module: Bar Module

Advanced design of steel I-beams

Barmodule exocad allows you to quickly and easily implement standard dental beams, as well as create the design of advanced complex beams. The design of the beam takes into account the shape and position of complete anatomical restorations. It is possible to add attachments or retainers, cut cylindrical holes, but also arbitrary geometry options for fixing pre-made ones attach with bolts or glue. An extensive library of defined editable beam profiles allows you to effectively meet consumer expectations. Thanks to the developed set of options barmodule exocad allows you to develop dental beams that elegantly solve complex clinical situations, while providing maximum comfort for patients.

Extreme accuracy
The production of optimally matched beams requires an ultra-precise
scanning system. Our software integrates the workflow with high-precision measuring devices, including haptic scanners, which ensures high reliability. Thanks to our cooperation with leading SAM vendors, the accuracy and reliability of the process is also ensured at the production site.

Extension module: Model Creator

Physical models from digital scanning of casts

The exocad Model Creator module helps you create physical models from intraoral or impression scanning data. The design of models with detachable segments (using pre-fabricated bases) and the design of monolithic models (where the manufactured core is a removable or separately tested core) are supported. In combination with our Implant Module, Model Creator, You get the opportunity to create models with laboratory analogues and removable gum masks.

Extension module: Bite Splint Module

Design of night mouthguards

With the Bite Splint Module exocad, you can quickly develop high-quality therapeutic night caps in a few steps. With an easy-to-use customization tool and an intuitive workflow that guides You through the design process, dental cap manufacturing is efficient and profitable. The extensive functionality of the extension module allows you to virtually correct the occlusion. You can also smooth and change the surface of your night mouthguards individually, or choose to automatically smooth the posterior occlusal surface. You can increase your design’s brand awareness by adding a logo and text. For optimal results, we recommend using a combination of Bite Splint Module and Virtual Articulator.

Extension module: Provisional Module

Make temporary crowns and bridges using the “eggshell” technique prior to your patient’s visit. The exocad Provisional Module allows you to create temporary structures based on the patient’s preoperative anatomy. You can also create a temporary crown or bridge using the teeth library. Then perform a subtle correction using an extensive set of free-form tools. New tooth morphologies can be evaluated clinically within the module, which helps you reduce the patient’s time in the chair.

Extension module: PartialCAD (INCLUDED WITH US)

Create the design of removable partial frame prostheses

With the PartialCAD removable partial frame prosthesis module, exocad provides you with a digital solution for developing high-quality removable partial frame prostheses. Use the advanced design and customization features for meshes, large connectors, clasps, tongue plates, and the posterior edge. Enjoy the highest design flexibility provided by a variety of Partial CAV options, as well as functionality for various types of retainers, post – design with locking and automatic loosening for an optimal fit. With this module, you can combine partial frame prostheses with design elements of crowns and bridges, as well as create supporting beams for printing. In addition, it is possible to customize partial frame prostheses with the application of logos and text.

Outstanding design flexibility
Our goal: everything that can be made in wax can also be created using our SOFTWARE. Thus, PartialCAD provides unprecedented design freedom that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding experts in the design of partial dentures.

Extension module: Full Denture Module

Digital design of full-removable dentures

The Full Denture Module provides a guided workflow for the development of highly aesthetic full-removable dentures.Model analysis can be performed digitally.Results: automatically issued suggestions for setting up the installation of teeth on a full arc. The Full Denture Module supports various types of manufacturing processes, including two-step milling, printed denture bases, and monolithic printed dentures (e.g. for trial installation). Make a digital revolution in the manufacture of dentures!

Extension module: TruSmile Module

Realistic rendering of dental restorations

The TruSmile Module exocad provides an almost photorealistic rendering of dental restorations in the design process — in real time. In addition to adhering to the user’s “you get what you see” principle, TruSmile is also a powerful marketing tool for You and your users, for example, to help convince a patient to choose a ceramic restoration over a metal crown.

Natural painting
Make a selection from the standard color presets of a single tooth and adjust them to get a realistic preview of the result.

Extension module: Virtual Articulator

Model of jaw movement and consideration of dynamic occlusion

Virtual Articulator exocad allows you to take dynamic occlusion into account when developing any restorations with occlusion.
The positioning of plaster models inside the physical articulator can be accurately transferred to the software-using a scanner that also supports virtual articulation — to achieve patient-perfect results. Parameters such as condyle angle, Bennett angle, and direct lateral shift can be adjusted in the same way as in a physical articulator. To import jaw movement data from third-party measuring devices, the Virtual Articulator module is used in combination with the Jaw Motion Import module.

The extension module: Import Jaw Motion

Import jaw movement data from devices

The Jaw Motion Import module allows you to import jaw motion data from external devices, such as the JMA system from Zebris.
The extension module works together with the Virtual Articulator module.
For experts: combine with Model Creator to create innovative, semi-dynamic physical models.

Realistic view
Transfer up-to-date, dynamic jaw movements to the software. Model them in the design process and create custom restorations.

Extension module: DICOM Viewer

Visualize voxel data in the design process

The exocad Dental CAD platform includes an
optional component — DICOM Viewer*,which allows You to visualize voxel data from a CT scanner during the design of dental restorations.
You will admire the high-speed processing of large CBCT files. Thanks to optimized data processing algorithms and instant graphics rendering, the DICOM Viewer module leads the market in terms of performance

Extension module: Smile Creator

Modeling a smile in CAD

Make your design truly beautiful with Smile Creator-an innovative exocad tool for modeling a smile in CAD with predictable aesthetic models of a smile.
Being integrated into the DentalCAD platform, Smile Creator allows you to reliably create aesthetic designs that are possible for prosthetics, thanks to our 2D/3D technology. By combining patient photos, contours, and 3D situations, you can assess the aesthetic connection between teeth, smile, and face. Patient photos are automatically converted to 3D objects, which are then mapped to a 3D dental scan. This gives dentists and dental technicians a realistic perspective on creating a restorative treatment plan. In addition to better monitoring of results, this improves the quality of information exchange between dental laboratories, dentists and patients. With focused workflows and diverse features, Smile Creator is an intuitive yet powerful digital planning solution for cosmetic dentistry.

The perfect basis for the prosthetic
With Smile Creator, you can get a real 3D setup of the tooth as an ideal base for further prosthetics in DentalCAD, as well as for planning the implant using exoplan. Digital wax models can be implemented using Model Creator exocad.

Extension Module: Tooth Library

Extensive library of beautiful natural teeth

exocad Dental CAD can be supplemented with dental libraries.
For those who prefer an even wider selection, the exocad Tooth Library extension module provides an additional extensive library of beautiful natural teeth, including 61 sets of front teeth for the upper arch, 19 sets of front teeth for the lower jaw, 19 sets of back teeth for the upper arch, and 19 sets of back teeth for the lower jaw. The extension module is the ideal aesthetic base for your restoration design with extensive dental libraries. You can easily and individually make adjustments to all pre-defined teeth for maximum flexibility. All teeth in the library are fully anatomical and are reproduced according to natural morphology for maximum results

Amazing results
The ZRS library includes tooth shapes based on
the “Front” collection by Dr. Jan Haito. A full-color book, poster and models for each set of teeth from third-party manufacturers are also available.

exocam- Modern SELF-technology

Perfect integration, outstanding results-exocam facilitates
milling like never before. With exocam, even novice users can enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art CAM technology, seamlessly integrated into our CAD software products exocam provides You with everything you need for a smooth workflow when working daily in the dental lab.

evocam: functions

  • The markup patterns in the blocks of material
  • Managing the production queue
  • The management of the block of material
  • Automated creation path
  • visualization of the trajectory of the tool, simulation of milling


The easiest way from CAD to 3D printing

Simplify your 3D printing process with exoprint – for more convenience and a better user experience.
exocad DentalCAD provides a flexible workflow when using a 3D printer. Our new epoprint tool allows you to seamlessly transition from DentalCAD to 3D printers. Implementing an interface between DentalCAD and your printing software requires minimal effort. The new exoprint tool provides a smooth workflow when using 3D printers. Designs and related information can be transferred directly from DentalCAD to 3D printing software using an open xml-based interface. Discover exoprint — the most sensible way to transfer your file for 3D printing.


Fast, reliable and easy data transfer — free of charge

This is more than just an opportunity to send a model to the lab. We
want to cover the entire spectrum of multidirectional digital data transfer between doctors, dental technicians and manufacturing centers.

dental share provides workflow sharing and efficient
online collaboration. We use next-generation compression technology combined with a robust data transfer protocol in such a way that even large data sets are easily
transmitted over an unstable mobile network connection and restrictive network screens. In particular, designs can be replaced, modified, and reviewed before production. Any data transfer uses state-of-the-art encryption technology, and this data is fully verified upon receipt.

To ensure maximum reliability and fast network output, exocad runs on its own distributed network server infrastructure with redundancy, with multiple Gigabit network connections. Servers are located all over the world

Without pay-per-view channels* without a free
When using dentalshare, you do not lose any profit – there is no charge for each transfer.

Clarity and confidentiality
Dentalshare users have full control over the time when the data content is sent. With dentalshare, you choose and send the information you reall

Independence from hardware
Dentalshare software is integrated with a wide range of CAD/CAM equipment and commercially available SOFTWARE. Regardless of the products used by partners, you will be sure that with dentalshare the connection is reliable.

exocad webview

Access exocad designs on all devices

A new way to transmit interactive previews of 3D images of local exocad designs
Do you want to easily share exocad Dental CAD designs with other people? With just a couple of mouse clicks, you can create a secure link to a realistic 3D view of the design, which you can share online with everyone. This link can be opened in the browser of your computer and mobile device, and you can view a realistic 3D image of the CAD design.

Free tools and samples
More information about our free exocad webview app for mobile devices – it is a fast and convenient multi-platform 3D viewer tool that allows You to visualize typical 3D formats “on the go”. It also displays CAD scenes from preview links created in dentalshare. Visit webview. dental for direct use, or check out the interactive demos at

exocad and Dental CAD advantages Overview

  • Acceleration of the technological process, increase of professionalism
    Save time by using high-performance software that works reliably even in large and complex cases. Fast response and optimal user experience speed up your daily work.
  • Easy to use and compliance
    Your highest expectations your complex procedures can become simpler and more effective, thanks to our experience working alongside professionals and therapists like Yourself, creating more affordable dental software for the digital age
  • The flexibility you need
    Experience maximum flexibility and freedom with exocad’s modular and open approach. It’s not just flexible software, it’s also a business model. You can combine and match modules of your choice.
  • Reliability that can be trusted
    You can rely on us to create software that you will appreciate and profit from. Our product proves its stability again and again, because we pay maximum attention to quality issues, but also do not forget about the little things. Reliable updates provide new features that follow Your needs.
  • Independence and innovation
    Our software puts you at the forefront of innovation. Since its inception, our team of researchers and engineers has been creating innovations for the dental industry. We are an independent and equipment-neutral technology provider and our goal is to push the boundaries of digital dentistry with software
  • Good groundwork for the future
    We supply CAD / CAM SOFTWARE in dentistry with a huge selection of state-of-the-art solutions and the use of third-party materials, scanners, printers and grinders. Open to new ideas, we will support the best solutions of today and tomorrow to meet and exceed customer requirements.
  • Create superior dental solutions for almost any indication
    DentalCAD will support You in the development of various aesthetic and functional dental restorations and accessories based on individual anatomy and requirements
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
    DentalCAD is developed based on the results of the latest research and includes innovations from our team of engineers
  • Minimize your training costs
    Dental CAD is easy to learn and guides you step by step throughout the entire process
  • Achieve maximum return on investment
    Dental CAD allows you to share the hardware and materials of your choice
  • Have access to various features and functions
    DentalCAD allows you to individually adjust each setting and offers a wide range of additional tools in expert mode
  • Enjoy exceptional flexibility
    Dental CAD allows you to control every step according to your needs and fully adapts to workflows, equipment and services
  • Get the benefit of an unlimited number of orders
    Dental CAD is not associated with hidden costs or pay-per-click
  • Enjoy the freedom of choice
    Dental CAD supports file formats for open scanners, 3D printers and milling systems so that you can work with our existing equipment
  • Collaborate with your partners
    effortlessly Dental care ensures your relationship with customers and service providers for predictable results
  • Perform operations smoothly and quickly
    Dental CAD allows extremely fast processing of even large amounts of data, which guarantees maximum ease of use and performance
  • Smooth workflow integration
    DentalCAD interacts with all exocad products and add-ons
  • Expand your service offerings
    Dental CAD can be updated with various add-on modules according to your needs


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